Revised pricing for 2016

Hi Everyone


Just a short blogpost to wish you a belated (ie late) Happy New Year, and to announce that prices will once again be charged in pounds sterling.  


Existing courses will not be affected by these changes, and will be completed as per agreed timetables etc.


The new prices and revised conditions have now been updated, and can be found here.


Many thanks for showing interest in's courses.


Here's to continued fruitful and happy learning!



Revised timings for thematic classes





I'm continuing with my offer for Trainer-Led classes, where learners who finish a block of six hours within a month can have four free themed hours in the following month.  


Originally, this option was open to both Learner-Led and Trainer-Led students, but it is now only for Trainer-Led students.  (Please note: this offer may be withdrawn at any time.)


The subjects of and links to these classes are as follows:

The timetable until further notice is below.


Mondays and Thursdays:
  • morning session @ 11.30-12.30, London time
  • evening session @ 20.30-21.30, London time

Finally, the more observant of you will have noticed that Specialist courses are now much better value-for-money than they were before.  If you want more details on how these courses can help you get jobs, pass exams or communicate better in your work and studies, click here.


Happy learning!