Courses on offer

Image details: Eastgate Street clock, Chester
Eastgate Street clock, Chester, UK

You can choose from three standard courses:

  1. Learner-Led (you plan your course)
  2. Trainer-Led (I plan your course)
  3. Specialist (we work together so you can pass exams, get jobs etc)

You can also choose intensive residential courses here in Chester, England.


We will use downloadable content, paper-based books and online materials of all kinds.


Finally, most of our courses will be given via online video chat.  We currently use Skype and Adobe Connect as infrastructures.  


The first class is free, in order that we can test the Internet connection and make sure we will be able to study together.


You can discover more about our courses, materials and technologies below.



Learner-Led let you save money on your course by helping me plan it.


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Trainer-Led courses are for students who don't have time to plan their own courses, and need the extra support I can give in both planning and teaching.


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Specialist courses are for students who need to practise a specific kind of English, who probably read and write quite well in their chosen area and now want to improve their ability to communicate more effectively in that area.


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Intensive residential courses

Intensive residential courses are for students who not only want to improve their ability to speak in English but also learn about English culture and people at the same time.


You live with a real English family, eat real English food and study two or three hours per day in an excellent and supportive classroom environment.


You also have the option of visiting a world-class zoo; going down to London for the day; and visiting Liverpool and Manchester, home to four of the biggest football teams in the world!


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Books and online materials

We use a range of books - both downloadable and paper-based - as well as online materials as and when they are appropriate.


Some of the content can be downloaded to your mobile devices, so keep that in mind when we decide exactly what to use.


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Video chat

So I can see and work with you and you can see and work with me, we use video chat to communicate in our classes.


If you just want to use audio, that's fine.  We can do that too.


We currently use Skype and Adobe Connect as infrastructure for our video chat and virtual classrooms.


If you use another system and cannot use the above, we will work with you to see if any alternatives are practical.