Intensive residential courses

Made-to-measure intensive residential courses are for students who not only want to improve their ability to speak in English but also learn about English culture and people at the same time.  (Please note: these courses are organised and administered by partner organisations.)

You live with a real English family, eat real English food and study two or three hours per day in an excellent and supportive classroom environment.


You also have the option of visiting a world-class zoo; going down to London for the day; and visiting the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, home to four of the biggest football teams in the world!


Most importantly, you get the opportunity to put your skills and learning into practice, every day of the week.  By speaking with real English people in shops, restaurants and with your English family, you'll have the chance to expand your knowledge - as well as make that leap of faith!


"I can speak English efficiently, after all!" 


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