Learner-Led courses are for students who want to save money by helping me plan their course.  A few days before each class, the student sends in a list of topics they'd like to study.  I then prepare the course on the basis of the topics.  That's why it's cheaper!

Amongst other tools, you'll get some or all of the following:

  • An initial assessment of your current communication skills
  • Simple but useful conversation strategies
  • Supportive correction and improvement
  • A framework for building on your existing knowledge of the language
  • A series of goals to aim at and complete
  • Continuous assessment, feedback and objective revision
  • The chance to create a portfolio of your studies to evidence your improvements, including the option of a video of you making a presentation or an audio recording of you speaking by telephone

And now, in addition to individualised classes, for every block of six hours you study you can attend up to four free hours of classes in group!

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