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Welcome to the language website and service - not more English but better English!


There are three levels of prices, depending on how much input which you, as the learner, wish to put into the preparation of the class:

  1. Learner-Led Preparation: two or three days before the class, you send me a list of what you would like to study in the next session.  I will prepare this for you on the basis of your requirements.
  2. Trainer-Led Preparation: most of the structure of the course depends on me identifying your needs and planning the course on your behalf.
  3. Specialist Preparation: these courses are focussed on very specific areas.  See below for more details on the subject areas currently included in these courses.

What's more, Trainer-Led courses can now be combined with up to four free hours of group classes a month - and no increase in price.  Want to find out more?  Click here - and read the blogpost!


Prices as of 2016 are in pounds sterling (GBP), and are per session of 45 minutes.  If you'd like to try before you buy, please contact me for a free introductory class, where we can also optimise Internet connections and make the best of our communications options.  

  1. Learner-Led Preparation: 10 pounds sterling (GBP)
  2. Trainer-Led Preparation: 15 pounds sterling (GBP)
  3. Specialist Preparation: 8 pounds sterling (GBP)

Prices are for one student only.  Please contact me for personalised classes aimed at more than one student.



Online English Courses


Online English classes with Mil Williams - born in Oxford, England and with many years of experience training people to communicate better in the language.


Buy in blocks of six classes - 45 minutes each class.


You can contract two variants of the above courses - Learner-Led and Trainer-Led.  Learner-Led costs 10 pounds sterling per class; Trainer-Led costs 15 pounds sterling per class.  See at the top of this page for more information about the difference.  And read the blogpost about how you can get four group classes free in a calendar month!


Specialist courses have only one price - and do not give access to the free group sessions.  Currently I train students to improve their:

  1. Face-to-face and video-conferencing skills for job interviews in English
  2. B2 and higher exams, in particular the speaking and writing parts of the exams
  3. Business English in a social conversation context
  4. Written English for academic purposes

Specialist courses use specific materials and in some cases you will need to buy a book in addition to enjoying the virtual classrooms we use.


So meet up online - and enjoy improving and maintaining your English!


Note: before you buy, contact me for your free introductory session to optimise our Internet connections and discuss the structure of the course, the duration and the starting date.


Please also note: classes include the live presence of the teacher and are fully compliant with the European Union VAT regulations, dated January 2015 onwards. 



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